Towards Society Revolution

The Tactile Internet

  • Tara I. Yahiya Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr
Keywords: 5G, Tactile Internet, QoS, IoT


It is expected that the 5G will change the landscape of the communication paradigm as it will offer huge number of device connections, high data rate, evolutionary channel modulation, etc. The 5G predicts to have billions of devices connected through its new scenarios involving Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Type Communications (MTC), Machine- to- Machine Communications (M2M) via the use of different types of devices including but not restricted to smartphones based IP packet.


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Author Biography

Tara I. Yahiya, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, University of Kurdistan Hewlêr

Tara Ibrahim Ali Yahiya holds an HDR (Habilitation a diriger des recherches) which is a qualification for getting full professorship from the university of Paris Sud 11 (France), a PhD in mobile and wireless networks from the university of Paris 6 (Pierre & Marie Curie) and a MSc from the university of Marne-La-Vallee (Paris Est) and a BSc in computer science from the university of Mosul. After completing her PhD, she did her post-doctoral in the domain of telecommunication in Telecom Sud Paris (School of Engineering) and then she worked as associate professor in the university of Paris Sud 11 for six years before joining the university of Kurdistan. She taught in several higher education institutes just like the University of Salahhadin, the University of Creteil, Telecom Sud Paris, Paris Sud 11.


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